Sample syllabi

English 1020: Intro to Composition: (Fall 2015)

This course placed considerable emphasis upon the relationship between reading and writing, the development and evaluation of information and ideas through research, the genres of analysis and argumentation, and the use of multiple technologies for research and writing. This course was also taught utilizing contract grading (grade contract is included in the syllabus linked here).

ENG 1020 Fall 2015 Syllabus

ENG 1020 Fall 2014 Course Schedule

English 1010 and English 1020: Writing and Learning Spaces :(Winter 2014)

This section of ENG 1010 and ENG 1020 is focused on researching writing and learning spaces with an eye toward proposing redesigned composition classrooms spaces in State Hall 335 and 337 (your classrooms). This is a collaborative course; students in ENG 1010 will work with students in an ENG 1020 course to develop the research and writing for these proposed designs. ENG 1020 students will work through primary research, rhetorical analysis, and the construction of proposal arguments, and will draw from and contribute to ENG 1010 students’ work on service learning, collaborative learning, and researching these spaces.

ENG 1010 Winter 2014 Team Teaching Syllabus

Course Schedule Team Teaching ENG 1010 Winter 14

ENG 1010 – Composing and Learning through Self-Direction: (Fall 2012)

This section of English 1010 will set out to achieve the learning objectives for the course through the principles of self-directed learning. The definition of self-directed learning is as follows:

“In its broadest meaning, ’self-directed learning’ describes a process by which individuals take the initiative, with our without the assistance of others, in diagnosing their learning needs, formulating learning goals, identifying human and material resources for learning, choosing and implementing appropriate learning strategies, and evaluating learning outcomes” (Knowles 1972).

For the purposes of our course, assignments and instruction will be approached with these principles in mind. In other words, at several points throughout the course you will be asked to produce and reflect on work that involves you in planning and collaboration efforts to determine how the goals of English 1010 meet your needs as a student and individual both inside and outside of the classroom.

ENG 1010 Fall 12 Syllabus

course schedule ENG 1010 Fall 2012

ENG 1010: Basic Writing (In Digital Environments) – Winter 2013

In the Winter of 2013, I piloted a section of Basic Writing in one of the department’s computer classrooms typically reserved for ENG 1020 courses. The purpose of this course was to determine, anecdotally at first, whether basic writers were affected significantly by the use of computers in the classroom. Specifically, I was interested in whether editing workshops were more useful, productive, and beneficial and whether students were able to learn more about word processing functions through our in-class writing/editing workshops. **

**This section description does not differ from other ENG 1010 courses I’ve taught because I did not submit IRB for the classroom. Therefore, I felt it unnecessary to communicate to students any uniqueness/difference in their course that semester (from that of any other basic writing course).  Nonetheless, the course is significant in terms of its course schedule, assignments, and utilization of workshop time and classroom affordances.

1010 Syllabus Winter 13

Course Schedule (REVISED) Winter 2013 ENG 1010