Student evaluation comments


ENG 1010: Sample SET comments

“I never dreaded this class because the instructor provided a lot of support.”

“The instructor was amazing. She taught in a very understanding way and having one-on-one time with her helped a lot.”

“The instructor’s presentation was excellent. She went about doing everything with excitement. She showed how much she loved doing what she does. This made me want to do that much better.”

“The instructor does an incredible job teaching materials to us. She goes into depth about what needs to be done. I would like to thank Amy Metcalf for helping me prepare for my next course, and I would recommend this professor to other students as well.”

“Amy has a great personality and that’s what makes her teaching fun. Every assignment she gave us benefited us and her feedback on rough drafts is very helpful.”

“This course was well-organized and the instructor was really helpful. I appreciate the good work that she has done with us to learn a lot from this course. I really consider it a great thing that she never made me wait when I asked her questions but responded immediately (via email).”

“This course has helped me become a better writer in so many ways. The way that she taught made everything very clear. She was always helpful and helped each student understand the work.”

bw student feedback

“I honestly have nothing bad to say about this class or the instructor. This class was very helpful and even enjoyable. I have grown as a writer thanks to this class and professor Metcalf. I feel the subject matter such as analysis, response, and reflection was a little difficult at times but Metcalf explained it in a way that just made me understand it. I feel prepared for ENG 1020 and I hope this University has more instructors like Metcalf.”

“I want to take all of Amy’s classes.”

“She was very fun and worked with us. She was available even when it wasn’t office hours which showed she really cared for us. She’s a hard worker and taught us a whole lot about writing and other things.”

“Amy is a wonderful instructor. I wish I could take all my English classes with her.”

“My teacher Amy Metcalf is a wonderful teacher and she would help me understand the work and inspire me to do it when I was going to give up.”

“You are an excellent instructor who should keep doing what you’re doing. I feel a lot more confident about moving on in college writing now thanks to you.”

“I really think I would have hated this class if it wasn’t for professor Metcalf. She made everything easier to understand and was enthusiastic about teaching.”

“She was a great instructor. I’m happy I had her my first semester as the university. The things I learned will help me for the future.”

“Her personality made this class interesting. Her enthusiasm made me want to do great. It lit a spark in me to want to be a better writer.”

“I learned more in this class than I did in all four of my high school year English classes. Taught in a way that we can relate to her and was the most helpful professor I have.”

ENG 1020: Sample SET Comments

“The course was well-organized and thought-out very, very well. But the work-load was too heavy and it was difficult, too. Amy as an instructor did a wonderful job to make me understand the projects and my responsibility as an ENG 1020 student. The thing I really like about her is that she was always available to me via email, text, and through the Writing Center. She encouraged me to work hard and be a better writer.”

“The course was taught very well with an excellent instructor. The instructor’s presentation was excellent with her use of a blog or pbworks to teach the class because if we needed to know something it was online.  Plus she was always there for help via email, office hours, writing center, or text. The workload was at times a little stressful but overall it helped me become more productive.”

“This was an excellent course. I found it difficult at times but the instructor taught the course well. I’ve learned so much since I’ve been here and if I was to take this class again I would gain an A from it. It was great and I’ve really enjoyed it.”

“This class, overall, was organized and well presented. Amy Metcalf did a wonderful job teaching the class the things that they will need to know for future reference. The best part about this class was that she helped everyone realized their weaknesses in writing on their own and guided us with the right way to presented everything.”

“She encouraged questions and was very helpful in answering them.”

“I like how the instructor was readily available in class, and sometimes out of class, to review our work and provide helpful feedback. The instructor seemed very concerned with wanting us to succeed in this course.”

“You are very passionate about English nad make the class a lot of fun.”

“This class helped me with my writing quite a bit. I generally do not enjoy English classes and writing but this class was interesting and I learned a lot. The instructor helped make it interesting and encouraged us to ask questions which was very helpful.”

“As a pre-medicine student, I have no interest in English. After taking this course with Metcalf, I have grown to enjoy writing and involving myself in everyday issues. She is a wonderful teacher, passionate about her career and students.”

“I gained respect early on for the teaching style of the instructor and was further impressed by her knowledge of how she made the coursework a good exercise in relation to greater ideas and themes as all assignments and readings contributed to a greater theme of building writing and communication skills within a massively complex and dynamic world.”

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