Teaching Evaluations

Excerpts from classroom evaluations of my teaching:

“I was amazed by Amy’s confident presence in the classroom, balancing professionalism with an easy-going manner with her students. I would be very surprised if any of her students could have guessed that this was her first semester as a college teacher.”

“Students are highly engaged, far more than is typical in any general education course, particularly ENG 1010. They clearly felt comfortable asking questions, which were addressed immediately and effectively in accessible language. Further, the activities they undertook all related directly to the assignment they were working toward completing.”

“The class plan was very well designed. It worked very effectively to engage students in recalling, understanding, and using key terms for conducting visual analysis. It also linked that work to prior class meetings by reviewing terms and concepts introduced the following week, to students’ upcoming work to draft the analysis paper, and to larger questions of when to write from a subjective perspective and when to from an objective perspective. It clearly functioned as part of a larger course design that guides students step-by-step through the actions required for them to complete major assignments.”